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What makes our process so incredibly efficient?
K-12 standards change constantly. Standards language differs from state-to-state. But at the core, it’s the educational concepts that really matter to educators. That’s why we built the EdGate Taxonomy. The taxonomy allows EdGate to offer a “Once and Done” correlation. Content is tagged just once for mapping to any set of applicable standards. Our work is rooted in U.S. and international education standards and the refinement of our methodology over the past twenty years has given us the ability to fully understand what is being taught in classrooms across the world.



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Products & Services

APIs, Alignment and reporting tools.

From Hands-Off to High-Touch

EdGate’s sophisticated tools allow for exponential scale in order to tackle high volume projects using ExACT AutoAlign, our Correlation Recommendation Tool. EdGate also excels at projects that require intense scrutiny to meet the strict requirements of state adoption curriculum committees.


  • Correlation Recommendation ToolExACT AutoAlign suggests alignments and keywords
  • Standards CrosswalkingCrosswalk alignments automatically with EdGate’s patented technology
  • Curriculum AdoptionsThird party courseware alignment evaluation services
  • Educational FilmsSegmenting, alignment, and metadata creation services
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Featured Clients

EdGate has provided our services to over 250 K-12, Higher Education, and Professional Learning publishers. Here are just a few examples.


Cengage provides students with access to superior course materials and platforms. Cengage partners with EdGate for CTE Standards Gap Analysis.
Microsoft Education empowers every student to achieve more. EdGate aligns Microsoft content to thousands of educational standards.
MyOn personalizes reading based on interests and reading level. MyOn trusts EdGate to provide U.S. and international standards alignments.
Infobase delivers video content to millions. Infobase depends on EdGate to segment, summarize, and correlate films to educational standards.