Advcance or Custom Reporting

Periodically we get requests from clients that ask, "Are there additional specialized report format options or can we create custom reports?" The answer is yes!

The U.K. Sets the Bar on STEM Education

The United Kingdom is setting the stage for others to follow. They are adding a new "Computer Science Curriculum" into their current curriculum for all UK students, Key Stages 1 through 4, and are implementing in September, 2014. They are the first nation to require all kids be able to code, write applications, and be responsible with their knowledge. Students will start at age 5 (Key Stage 1), and continue through age 16 (Key Stage 4), with each level building on the previous level(s).

EdGate Creates and Manages Metadata for Clients

The term metadata refers to "data about data." Metadata is used to describe specific information about content which provides the reader a quick snapshot of what the resource contains and how applicable it is for the end user.

The Confusion and Reality of Common Core

The confusion and debate surrounding Common Core has prompted several companies to conduct surveys in order to learn more about the general public's understanding and opinions of this initiative.

While the results show a general split on political views of the initiative, it was also determined that about 1/3rd of Americans with children have never heard of the Common Core and those who had had limited knowledge about the standards.

ExACT Alignment Tool

If your company is considering an alignment solution to be used by in-house personnel for aligning resources to state standards, taxonomies, textbooks, or other frameworks, look no further than the ExACT Alignment Tool.

Will We See You At NSTA In Portland?

We are excited to be attending the upcoming regional NSTA conference in Portland, October 24-26. Two EdGate team members will be in attendance on Friday the 25th so please reach out and let us know if you will be there, as we would love to stop by and say hi! It would be a pleasure to connect face-to-face, learn more about your products, and how EdGate can support you in your initiatives. We are proud to say that, based on our history, expertise, and client satisfaction, EdGate is the leader in providing quality services!

Pennsylvania's Core Standards Approved

The Pennsylvania State Board of Education approved a new set of grade-level learning goals that come with the implementation of Pennsylvania's first-ever state graduation-testing requirement. The learning goals, called Pennsylvania Core Standards, spell out what students should be able to do at the end of each grade in math and language arts.

Who Will Lead The World In Making Physical Education A Core Subject?

In June of this year, the BBC News reported that Paralympic multi-gold medalist Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson is chairing a group whose aim is to make physical education a core subject as a means of tackling that country's obesity problem. The Welsh government has responded that it will consider the recommendation.