Strengthen your competitive advantage with teachers, schools, and districts by partnering with EdGate to correlate your content. We offer content providers accurate and cost-effective solutions to align instructional resources directly to educational standards and other content.

To meet the challenges of correlating to hundreds of similar but not identical standards, EdGate utilizes the power of technology and the professional experience of subject area experts to align content for each client. EdGate's formula for success is based on the following key differentiators:

  • Skilled and experienced subject experts:
    We understand all types of content. Progressive, longevity, dedication, loyalty, client commitment, describes any EdGate staff member.

  • Quality and accuracy of content correlation using EdGate's Controlled Vocabulary:
    Proprietary tools provide accurate linkage between content and standards.

  • Collaborative client-centric support:
    EdGate's staff excels at focusing on every client's specific needs.

  • Sophisticated, innovative, flexible technology solutions:
    Utilizing Open-Platform technology, EdGate offers cutting edge options for presentation of client metadata and alignments.

  • Research and innovation is core to our vision:
    EdGate's staff continually develops new solutions to advance client success in the marketplace.

Contact us for more information on how EdGate can help you with your correlation needs or learn more about the EdGate Controlled Vocabulary System.