EdGate Controlled Vocabulary System®


When EdGate first researched the best way to align content to state standards, several observations dictated the direction that the company would ultimately take in the development of the technology to support such an effort.

  1. State standards are concept based. Therefore “natural language” or “free text” searching and structure would not provide consistent and comprehensive results;

  2. State standards are specific in one state and very general in another. The EdGate system needed to address the variation of standards language;

  3. Available controlled vocabulary lists were inadequate. EdGate researched a number of available systems and found that none of the lists adequately and effectively addressed the topics covered in standards across the United States and other countries.

Our Methodology

Based on this research, EdGate developed a proprietary system for identifying content standards and aligning appropriate content to these standards. The EdGate Controlled Vocabulary System® has a structure that provides a systematic method for identifying the key concepts of a standard, whether the standard is very broad or very specific. This allows EdGate to review a piece of content and ensure alignment to all applicable standards.

The most efficient component of the EdGate Controlled Vocabulary System® is its dynamic and immediate re-alignment. Once a standard or a piece of content is reviewed and entered into the system by one of the subject team experts, the technology takes over and any new alignment is immediately available for review by the customer.

 Correlation projects are completed in the Gig Harbor, Washington site. The teams meet regularly to discuss specific state standard issues, expansion of the EdGate Controlled Vocabulary System®, and the quality of alignments. This team collaboration also is the basis for the ability of EdGate correlations to be cross-curricular if relevant and desired by the client.

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