Frequently Asked Questions

Are EdGate’s proprietary taxonomy terms grade-specific?

No. A concept, for example, “adding fractions” is applied to all standards where this concept is included.

The grade range on the content determines to which grade(s) the standards can be searched for possible alignments. For example, if the content is assigned to grade 5 only for “adding fractions”, then the content will only align to grade 5 standards, even though there may be other standards in other grades with the “adding fractions” concept.

Does EdGate align content at every level of the standard? (i.e. parent, intermediate, lowest level)

EdGate only aligns content to the lowest level of the standard.

Do standards have only one EdGate proprietary taxonomy term associated with them?

Some standards are granular enough that only one concept is applicable, however, it is very common for standards to have two or more concept associations.

How are correlations delivered?

Delivery options for correlations include these formats:

  • ExPERT Reporting
  • Custom Reporting
  • Embedded I-frame solutions.
  • API
  • Bulk download (raw data feed)