Get the Most Out of Your Correlation

The Client populates their goals and content metadata directly into EdGate’s Excel spreadsheet template.

Remember to:

  • Add item ID numbers each content unit may have.

  • Identify to which grade, or grade span, each content unit is to be correlated.

  • Identify to which subject area(s) each content unit is to be correlated.

  • Populate a title for each content unit to be correlated, exactly as you want it to be displayed in your deliverable(s).

  • Populate the “Description” field with a summary of the content unit, lesson objectives, etc. This can be displayed in a report if desired.

  • Add the URL if needed, e.g. 1) If EdGate needs it to access content to correlate, or 2) If client intends to link through an EdGate-hosted iframe.

  • Include additional columns to communicate content details. Examples are Fiction/Nonfiction, Writing Skills, Speaking Skills, etc.