Setting Project Goals

We want our clients to get the best possible outcome from our correlation services. At the beginning of each project, we will schedule a project implementation call and discuss project goals and expectations, as well as details involving desired correlation results.

Here are some questions to think about at the start of each project.

  • Are you looking for an all-inclusive correlation (broad) versus a targeted correlation to main-focus only?

  • If your content contains Math, are the eight Common Core Math Practice Standards to be included in the correlation? If you prefer, we can include a statement that all content items meet all, or specific, CCMP’s.

  • If your content contains Language Arts, have you identified Fiction vs Non-fiction for each item?

  • If your content contains Science and/or Social Studies, are the Common Core Literacy Standards to be included in the correlation?
    Have you identified any standard sets which are a correlation priority, e.g., NGSS, CCSS, TX, etc.?