Web Service API


The EdGate Data Service is a REST-based API platform that allows clients direct, secure access to the largest and most up to date repository of K-12 national and international educational standards in the world.

Features available via the API

  • Browse standards and view detailed metadata about each standard
  • Search standards
  • See relationships between standards from different sets and authorities
  • View correlated standards for a content item     
  • View correlated items for a standard
  • Faceted search of all client content metadata housed by EdGate
  • View other related client content for a specific content item
  • Upload, edit, and delete content items individually or in batches
  • Manage content grouping and organization
  • Correlate content by hand or use the automated alignment service
  • Suggest key terms, subject areas, and grade levels based on content metadata
  • Access to browse and search EdGate's Curricular Concept Index


Using the API gives clients and their developers complete flexibility and control in creating tools to display standards and correlation data.  Clients have full control over the user interface components and processes, giving them the ability to tailor make integrated tools that fit their exact needs.  Moreover, clients no longer have to maintain and update a large database of standards and correlation data.  Standards and correlation data housed by EdGate is always up to date with the most recently adopted curriculum available in real-time as repository updates occur.  Furthermore, all standards are organized hierarchically in context of their intermediate and parent standards.


There are many possible applications of the data available via the API for building functionality into your existing website:

  • Integrate a standards search/browse tool into e-commerce applications to find and purchase client’s offerings that correlate to specific standards.
  • Integrate standards correlations into existing product detail pages.
  • Display other related products in product detail pages
  • Build custom reports for use by internal and external customers
  • Implement a full featured product search
  • Integrate content submission process for correlation into existing tools
  • Filtering of searches to refine results for particular needs
  • Many, many more…

Other web service deliverables include our Correlation User Interface and Bulk Download.