Mapping/Crosswalking Services


If you’re looking for a partner to host and manage content that has been previously correlated, whether in-house or by a third-party, EdGate can help.

Using our sophisticated, patented technology, EdGate has the ability to accurately migrate the aligned resources and map to any set of standards in our repository. This includes other types of resources such as textbooks, supplemental materials, School or District standards, other taxonomies, and more. Our tools make it possible to map your content to just about any set of learning outcomes.

How does it work? EdGate maps your existing standards alignment to our taxonomy of concepts.  Once your content is aligned to our taxonomy, we can crosswalk your alignment to any set of applicable standards removing the need to align state-by-state.

In addition, EdGate’s API includes a Related Standards endpoint that allows users to crosswalk standards via API. This is useful for making comparisons across different sets of standards.