EdGate Staff

EdGate Staff

EdGate Correlation Services’ staff of professional educators and account managers have years of educational experience in the K-12 market.

Based in Gig Harbor, Washington, this group of professional educators, technical program managers and support staff will take extraordinary steps to meet publisher deadlines and requirements.

Key Contacts

Management and Sales

Gina Faulk

General Manager

Tracy Olstad

Senior Account Executive

Heather Hawthorne

Account Manager

Sandra Schugren

EdGate Ad Hoc Advisor

IT and Marketing Department

Jeremy Ashcraft

Technical Manager

Sharla Schuller


Standards Repository Team

Tina RainboltStandards and Contracts Administrator
Hunter WilcoxAssistant Standards Manager

Project Managers / Subject Area Experts

Language Arts/ESL
Jodi Waugh

Language Arts Project Manager

Nancy RubeschCorrelator
Tammy ReidContent Specialist


Michael Walpole

Mathematics Project Manager

John KullbergMath Subject Lead


Larry Johnson

Science Project Manager

Kathy SiquelandScience Subject Lead


Social Studies
Jennifer Larson

Social Studies Project Manager

Johanna WilloughbyCorrelator


Digital/Video Content
Kathleen Ideguchi

Digital Content Project Manager

Alex Alo

Digital Content and Art Project Manager

Amanda Dragon Digital Content Editor
Naomi MortonCorrelator


Office Staff/Data Entry Specialists
Joan Frank

Data Entry Specialist / Receptionist

EdGate Staff Painting Party